Friday, October 21, 2011

gimme shelter

Today I am leaving for a weekend on the beach.

I am going to Long Beach for the SCIBA Book Awards.

The Marbury Lens is up for an award. It is very flattering just to be there as a finalist, sitting among all those real writers. I would name the names of people I am in awe of who will be in attendance, but that would be too fan-boy-ish.

Who needs that?

Just know that there are some pretty impressive real writers hanging out this weekend.

I will be alone, lurking, and on my meds.

I always end up going to these things alone.

And people say to themselves, Who is that creepy guy?

I got a letter this week from a kid in Texas, which is another reason why I am now planning on showing up at one of the three huge book events in Texas this coming year. Yes, that's right. I am finally going to Texas.


I will be the guy without a Stetson, who looks like a hobo.

This is the letter I got:

Mason Parker Dunn's class is doing a project associated with this book they're reading. The project involves writing letters to "famous" people.

He said he would send me an autographed baseball card from his Little League Team if I replied.

That is quite an offer.

Of course I sent Mason Parker Dunn a reply.

I am waiting for my card.