Sunday, October 30, 2011

another universe, part 2

This afternoon, I will be talking about another universe: The universe where boys and books coexist, and boys actually read and write and are not discouraged by institutional brainwashing that has redefined literacy as a feminine trait.

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking at length with some fellow writers from all over North America whom I had previously only met through Facebook and Twitter.

That was kind of like going through a wormhole, too.

In any event, I will have more to say about this other universe I am leaking into this afternoon when I get a chance to meet with yet another group of great writers and educators at Mrs. Nelson's Books in La Verne.

On the panel, which will be moderated by the brilliant Cathy Blackler, are myself, Allen Zadoff, Greg Neri, Greg Van Eekhout, John Stephens, and Jonathan Auxier. We will all be signing books afterward, and the event begins at 1:00.

And, just so you know, in keeping with the trend of discussing universes and such (which began on Friday -- check it out -- with my piece about the cosmic architecture in The Marbury Lens and its sequel, Passenger), I do plan on running a piece sometime this week about the universe of Stark McClellan, the narrator and protagonist of my latest novel, Stick.

His universe is something else altogether.