Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a chance meeting under a portrait of a presbyterian


It is coming.

I get funny looks sometimes when I wear Sex Wax T-shirts. Then I look down and see I've forgotten to put on trousers.


Seriously, though, most people don't have any idea what Sex Wax is, so they assume the shirts have some subliminal prurience, which, maybe they do. If you live on the beach in California (and you surf), there is only one thing you think about when you see the familiar circular logo, though. Well, actually two, because you would also think about how great Sex Wax smells.

Anyway, not that I'm into product placements in my books or anything [Dear Mr. Zogs, I would like some more shirts - size L - and a couple pucks of your amazing-smelling surf wax], but I am definitely not opposed to naming brands of things when they are more than just generic stuff in the story.

And Mr. Zogs Sex Wax [yes, it bothers me tremendously that there is no apostrophe on Zogs, which means that Zogs is actually Mr. Zogs's name and not Zog, which would mean the brand name is not possessive in this case] plays some minor yet significant role in Stick, which is coming out on Tuesday.

I am still in the undisclosed secret location, by the way.

Over the last two nights, I have had the pleasure of having dinner and drinks with two of my trusted writing friends, Yvonne Prinz (dinner), and Michael Grant (Um... uh...).

Yvonne wrote The Vinyl Princess and All You Get is Me, and Michael wrote everything else that is published in YA. Actually, among Michael's writing credits are the GONE series, and a new one that sounds really freakily amazing called BRZRK.

Michael is so good he does not even need to use vowels.

Anyway, it's good for writers to have a few real friends who also do what they do because writing is, by nature, such a self-absorbed preoccupation, and you need to pull your head up once in a while from the ostrich hole to see if the other ostriches have been eaten by lions and shit like that.

It's been a good four days here at the undisclosed secret location.

I will be home tomorrow.