Monday, October 24, 2011

the death-ray gun

Last week was Teen Read Week.

So I put together this little video of kids reading and talking about their favorite books with other kids.

There were so many teens who participated that I couldn't show them all, and the video was rather hastily patched together because I have been away on a blurry voyage since Friday. These clips were all filmed on Monday and Tuesday, using an iPad, at the beginning of Teen Read Week.

You will have to forgive the fact that there are some kids reading from books that I wrote. I told them all: No reading from Andrew Smith books.

But you know teenagers.

They do not listen.

They are pretty good readers, though.

Again, I have to say that there are far more teens reading books than there were 20 years ago. This bodes well for our planet, I think. I also see more kids these days sharing books, loaning them out, and making recommendations to their friends.

All very good.

So, enjoy the little film. By the way, the music is composed and performed by Jimmy Marino (also a teenager), the kid who narrated and acted in the book trailer for Stick.