Monday, June 29, 2009

we -- the mighty pronoun

Eh... I had this lengthy tirade all typed up and ready to post this morning, but decided to wipe it out. Maybe another day.

I'm in one of those I-give-up moods and I've decided to give myself the short shrift today. So here's my plan for today:

[Name drop alert!] A few days ago, Newbery Award winning author Susan Patron wrote via Facebook: I just finished GHOST MEDICINE and loved it. Such powerful, elegant, eloquent writing.

So, I was, like, wow. That's a really nice compliment. And she asked for an ARC of my next book, in the path of falling objects. So, Susan, I am happy to say that I am coming down from the mountain today and am mailing off that book for you some time this morning.

And I'll be doing it in conjunction with a trip to Los Angeles to sit in the recording studio for day one as Random House/Listening Library begins production on the audio version of in the path of falling objects. The studio people are always so nice and hard-working, and I will admit that last time I was there, when they were making Ghost Medicine, I really didn't know what to expect. And I'll be honest, too... I still don't want to listen to that book (and haven't).

This one's going to be different, though.

I let my friend Yvonne (whose book The Vinyl Princess is coming out in February and has a kick-ass cover) read it, and yesterday, she said this:

Reading your book was like going on one of those road trips where you arrive in your driveway sweaty and spent and broke and there's empty beer bottles rolling around on the floor mats and you have phone numbers in your pocket that you can't explain and speeding tickets from out of state and you know it's all probably going to come back to haunt you but you'd turn around and do it all again in a heartbeat.

This is why people don't want to take road trips with me.