Wednesday, May 19, 2010

magic eight ball

This week, since I have received this question multiple times from people I know, I will answer it here: No.

If you don't know the question, then you could just imagine what it may be.

I am afraid of those things like "Magic 8 Balls." I never look at them. Nor do I ever read a horoscope. And don't even think of messing around with tarot cards or anything like that around me. Maybe that makes me even more superstitious than people who believe in such things.

But somehow I'm convinced that if the great big giant ME ever shook up a Magic 8 Ball or opened the paper to the Daily Horoscope page, I would see something like:

Today is the day of the supervolcano. It will instantly obliterate 90% of all life on the planet. You will survive for exactly two and a half more days and then die, cold, in darkness, gasping for oxygen. Have a nice day!!!

That's why I never look.