Saturday, May 22, 2010

books and the beach

Next month, as I've mentioned, I'll be going to Washington DC for the ALA Annual Conference. I know a couple things I'll be doing, too.

On Sunday, June 27, I'll be part of the most fun event they have at ALA: The YA Authors Coffee Klatch, which is from 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Last year, in the Green Room before the event in Chicago, I got to sit and talk with Sarah Dessen. About breastfeeding.

Later that day, I'll be speaking at a session, at 11:00. The topic, I think, has to do with bookmobiles -- something that strikes a sad chord in my heart for reasons I will reveal at some point closer to the Washington conference.

Then, the coolest part of the day: That afternoon, I'll be signing and giving away galleys of The Marbury Lens at the Feiwel and Friends booth. I'll put more details about the specific locations of these events when I find them out, because if you're going to ALA and you want a TML galley, you're going to want to be on time. They'll be gone, I'm sure, in minutes.

And, speaking of The Marbury Lens, and, also how it is so difficult for me to come up with an answer when someone asks me about my favorites (books, authors, movies, cakes, totalitarian dictators), a friend just sent me this link from Mrs. Nelson's Book Shop about Lauren's Favorite Books. Great, fantastic list, and Thank you, Lauren. (Also check out the Mrs. Nelson's Book Awards link...)

So... who is your favorite all-time totalitarian dictator?