Thursday, September 10, 2009

out of the box

So, yesterday while we were sitting down for dinner, the UPS guy came and delivered a package with the first two copies of in the path of falling objects Born on 9-9-9.

It finally made it, and the release date is here.

Yesterday, I wrote about how great it is to receive a hand-written note from a reader. Well, inside the top copy of my book, I found a very touching note from my editor. Like yesterday's, I'm not going to share that one, either; and, like yesterday's, I'll be keeping that one forever.

Man... and I just cleaned my office out. Here we go again.

I just wanted to say one thing about this book today: it is beautiful.To say someone "outdid" themselves kind of presupposes you thought their abilities were limited. But Rich Deas, Feiwel and Friends' Creative Director, really designed a stunning front-to-back, total wraparound visual look and feel for this book.

And the title page he did... well, I just wish I had a big poster of that.

Wow, Rich.

Totally bitchin'.

The other artistic element is the book design -- how the pages came out, by Michelle McMillian. I know it's probably a manifestation of my ADD, but I can't help but fixate, sometimes, on how pages in books "look."

And these pages are perfect.

Thanks, art folks.

It's a good day.