Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another thing or two about drew

DR. BRIGGS: So, what do you think about that "Red Book?"
DREW: Mao's or Jung's?
DR BRIGGS: Heh. I guess the brilliance was the guy could go right to the edge of sanity and peer over its borders, and then come back. It was freaking brilliant.
DREW: Psychosis Interruptus.
DR. BRIGGS: Well, you can't deny there were plenty of Jungian structures in your book, Ghost Medicine.
DREW: I don't write the books. How many times do I have to tell you? I write the blogs. That pathetic "Andrew" writes the books.
DR BRIGGS: Oh. That's right. How many others of you are there?
DREW: What? At The Company? There's just one. The Kid. He runs the place.
DR. BRIGGS: The kid?
DREW: I'm not allowed to talk about him. Only "Andrew" can, and only just recently.
DR BRIGGS: So... you really aren't real, are you?
DREW: Bob, we were roommates in college. You've known me for decades.
DR. BRIGGS: But what they say about you -- your stubborn close-mindedness about such things as punctuation marks, masculinity, and what books to read -- is all true, you realize.
DREW: I like a good fight now and then, Bob.
DR BRIGGS: You know what I think?
DREW: I probably do, since I'm writing this. But, go ahead, tell me, Doc.
DR. BRIGGS: Drew, getting into an argument, confrontation, or heated exchange with anyone -- even anonymous folks -- on the internet, Facebook, or through email -- is pretty much like being the only entrant in an "Ugliest Baby Contest." Sure, you may win, but in the end you are still ugly, a baby, and totally alone.
DREW: Thanks, Bob.