Wednesday, September 9, 2009

nine nine nine

Just a really quick post today about why this is such a great week. Well, of course, tomorrow is the release day for in the path of falling objects. But yesterday, I got something in the mail that is the absolute best thing an author could ever possibly receive.

And it's not a contract, advance payment, or royalty check.

Yesterday, I got a hand-written, in pencil, on notebook paper, actual note from a 12-year-old boy who had read in the path of falling objects. His mother picked up a copy at ALA in Chicago... and I was, like, hmmm... are you sure a 12-year-old is okay reading this?

I mean, not that there is particularly objectionable language or material in it... but it is pretty intense. And I'll be honest, I really do want to look out for the kids out there, so if I just blindly put an age range on my book, I'd say 14 and up. But mom read it first, and obviously realizes that her young son is well on his way toward eventual world domination.

So I sent the kid the VERY FIRST in the path of falling objects tee shirt (I have plenty more for all these places I'll be going over the next couple months).

Anyway... seriously... getting a paper letter in the mail from a kid is the BEST THING EVER. I'd reprint what it says, but it contains a spoiler.

H.F. you rock. Thanks, dude.