Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the machinery of the universe

Random lines today:

When you bash a hammer into the machinery of the universe, all bets go off the table.

Yesterday, I got an email from two girls who told me A) That they are big fans of Ghost Medicine and B) That they thought it would be cool if I got it made into a movie.

Yeah, that would be cool.

I sent a copy of my book to my cousin in Italy. He's a dentist. It costs a fortune to mail books to Italy. Next time, I'll hand-deliver.

I plan on bringing a few copies of Ghost Medicine and in the path of falling objects with me in a couple weeks when I go over to Dublin and London, to be left at random places. If you're there, maybe you'll find one.

Oh... and I will be bringing my laptop, too. I plan on doing lots of work while I'm over there.

Next trip after that: Nashville, for the Southern Festival of Books.