Wednesday, September 30, 2009

back to the usa

I am coming back home today, and looking forward to getting caught up on everything I've missed.

I realize, as I wait for my flight, having been thoroughly searched, undressed, and groped by a suspicious BAA staffer, that it isn't at all the truth that I dislike flying. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it. It's just the people on the plane and in the airport that I hate.

Anyway, we're bringing back some souvenirs. My son got a really cool Clash shirt at a record store in London, and he's also bringing the H1N1 virus back, too.

Yeah... fun times.

I mean... do you even really want us to come back?

And last night, I received a lengthy email from my editor regarding the revision work on next year's The Marbury Lens. I'd write about it, but I can't until tomorrow... I am currently only going through Stage One of coming to terms with revisions.

I will clarify tomorrow.

And, finally, I am going to try something. Here... an attempt at a very sizable "I:"


Hey. It worked.

That is my preemptive "Big Gigantic I" for when I write about the revision process. It's to preemptively mock any authors who think I'm stupid because, "That's not how I do it."