Monday, August 3, 2009

road trip

I forgot to include a mention yesterday that our road trip to San Francisco (which actually began as a road trip to the airport, followed by a plane ride, which, in turn, was succeeded by a lost limo ride and a very bizarre cab experience), naturally included a stop-off at Books Inc. on Van Ness.

Oh yeah, we took a cable car up to Van Ness and walked down from there. Anyway, it's a great store, and the location where I'll be signing copies of in the path of falling objects and making a joint appearance with Barry Lyga and Sara Zarr. Don't worry. it will be easy to tell who I am... I'll be the one everyone is saying Who the fuck is that guy? about.

Kind of like when Prince opened for the Stones, I think. Yeah... if you haven't been alive that long -- look it up.

And so, in a couple days, me -- alone -- and the kids are going to take our first-ever dad-and-kids-bonding-time-road-trip-from-hell. Well, again, it will begin in a car to the airport. Then we are going to fly up to Banff in Alberta, Canada. Why? Because we've never been there. Then we will rent a car and drive around in Canada.

Let me just forewarn the Canadian Mounties. Smith has an international driving record that includes extrajudicial detention and blackmail. I'll leave it at that.