Thursday, August 27, 2009

myths and stuff

Just thirteen more days until in the path of falling objects is out.

If it seems as though I am obsessively counting down, I'm really not. There are just so many things going on right now.

I read an interesting article on the Writer's Digest website about the Biggest Myths of Publishing, and it made me think of a couple things the author states that I don't really agree with.

While publishing contracts can be fairly straightforward and simple enough to understand, the writer seems to imply that having an agent is not necessary. If you're capable of doing what a great agent does on your own, maybe that's true... but I'd always prefer to have a great agent steering negotiations for me, so I can concentrate on what I do -- the writing part.

The author also says something like the publishing team wouldn't know you if they fell over you in the street, but my experience has been vastly different from that, too. It seems like I know just about everyone at my publisher's house.

Anyway, it's still a pretty good article as far as dispelling misconceptions (obvious ones) that a lot of aspiring authors have.