Thursday, May 7, 2009

jack (toys of paper)

Let me tell you something about Drew.

He wasn't too good at keeping all the cages locked one night and now the zoo is staging a small-scale revolution.

You should have kept a better eye on Jack, and now that he's out you're going to have some unkind surprises. See, I've already made you more accountable -- the "new and improved" Drew -- by getting rid of mountains of shit you'd constructed into your own cage.

But I'm liking taking over on the blog.

Like my pictures? They're sick, as we teenagers would say.

You should never have let me out.

So, you have this ugly choice: save yourself or save your friendship. It's why the shitheads who run things turn boys into soldiers: to us, the bond is more important - a flag, an officer, your teammate - it’s more worthy of sacrifice than the body.

Don't worry, Drew, now that I'm out, I'll take care of you.