Saturday, May 30, 2009

at the end

A few posts back, I wrote about the postpartum experience some writers have when they finish a novel. Of course, Grant is the big exception here.

I'll be honest. There really is nothing like hitting that final period key when you complete an entire novel. Or, I guess, exclamation point or question mark when you finish a really shitty one.

For me, the postpartum craziness doesn't really begin until I am totally finished with the work and I send it off to my editor and agent. That's going to happen on Wednesday of this week, so I'll be having some guest bloggers, no doubt.

I wrote two books in the past 9 months. The first was 85,000 words long, and the second was well over 90,000. I don't mention the page counts because I use a word processor and 12-point font, as opposed to, say, crayons.