Friday, May 8, 2009

the big question(jack)

Let me tell you about something that's been bugging Jack.

It's about being a teenager. I hated being a sixteen-year-old boy and having to adjust to the stuff I was going through. It was worse than anything. For all the crap I'd ever read in "teen issue books" about the clumsy awkwardness of my age, how a guy's voice changes, how goofy we act, and how we are enslaved by embarrassing and involuntary bodily functions at the least convenient times, being sixteen was never comfortable, cool, or even remotely humorous for Jack. I couldn't stand having to deal with all this shit.

So, beginning on Monday, Drew has asked some real people (they aren't friends of his... believe me... Drew? Friends? Are you fucking kidding me?) to answer one of Jack's big questions.

He's got some authors, editors, booksellers, librarian-types, and even a literary agent person (whatever that is), who've written some little answers to "Jack's Big Question," just for this blog.

They may surprise you.

As for me, I'm out of here for the weekend.

I'm going to let Drew come back tomorrow and Sunday to tell you more about his blog guests.