Monday, November 9, 2009

week of many weekends

This week is, in my opinion, structured correctly:

It began with a weekend. A good, unwind-y sort of weekend because I got to stay home. I almost forgot how much I like staying home and unwinding. So I got a lot done. Wrote a lot. Played a "word war" with a couple other writers that helped me write even more, and I unwound.

Some writers like to unwind by doing self-destructive things. Not me. Not this weekend.

Here was my calculus for weekend unwinding:

Remote-controlled indoor micro-helicopter with flashing lights and machine gun sound effects

plus uptight cats

equals relaxation.

So, I'm wondering if I really need to be honest when my daughter asks me, "Daddy, why won't the cat come out from under the washing machine?"

Then, on Wednesday, we have another weekend as we celebrate Veterans (Armistice) Day. All weeks should be like this. Especially because on Friday, I will be flying up to San Francisco for the third weekend of the week.

More on the week of many weekends to follow...