Saturday, November 28, 2009

quick change

Two days ago, on Thanksgiving morning, I took this picture from the deck on my office. It was just a little past 6 a.m., I think, and the sun was just barely coming up.

Anyway, it was a remarkable day. And it was very warm compared to usual late-November days up here.

Well, in just two days, the weather has taken a pretty dramatic turn, and the tree has lost about half its leaves.

This morning, I did the usual routine: up early, working, coffee. At about 6, I took a break from my writing and went outside to feed the horses. There were flurries of snow blowing on the wind.

When I came back up to my office, I decided to take another picture of the tree, just as a kind of reminder about how quickly things can change.

It also reminded me that it's probably not a good idea to stand out on a deck in your socks when flurries of snow are falling.

So, I'm finishing this novel I've been writing for a while. Sometimes, I'll flip back (electronically -- I don't make a paper copy until it's completely finished and I need to "feel" its substance... weird, I know), and it's always remarkable how much change takes place from one chunk to the next... and how it's almost impossible to foresee when you just focus on a snapshot of the particular day your story is living in.