Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunday in san francisco

Yesterday was one of those perfect days in San Francisco.

I got to hang out with my good friend, jdh, whom I've known for decades, and I even got to talk to his sister who lives down in the LA area, and I haven't seen in, like, almost 20 years.

So, Megan, I am bringing a book for you.

And we will do coffee.

Last night, I took a cab back to my hotel. I stayed out way too late for the second night in a row. The cab driver got lost. He was an idiot.

Oh well, that's what I get for falling asleep in the back seat of a cab after midnight in San Francisco.

The nice thing is, after I complained, the cab company promised they'd send my shirt and pants back to me by Fed Ex if they ever find them.

Now that's what I call customer service.