Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today, my son, who is now in grade 12, is taking his SAT. I'm sure he's going to do well. He knows I will no longer continue feeding him if he does not.

My daughter, who is not yet out of school for summer due to the snow days we had this year, so is still in grade 7, is doing some volunteer work for kids with cancer.

Tomorrow morning, I am heading out to Mrs. Nelson's Book Shop to see their awards ceremony for the 2010 Young Writer's Contest. Hopefully, the kids I coached will make it out, too. Mrs. Nelson's really does something great and amazing for kids who want to write -- so if you're not too busy on a beautiful Sunday, you should head out to one of the great independent bookstores in Southern California.

Finally, on this day of scattered announcements, The Marbury Lens got a passing shout-out yesterday in Publishers Weekly in their coverage of BookExpo America 2010: Big Children's Books of the Show. You have to look in the "New in Novels" section and not blink.

But it's there.

Thanks, PW.