Tuesday, June 22, 2010

back from away

The vanishing act is now officially over, and shall be replaced by routine. At least for a few days.

We have made a final pass through the contents of an official Teacher/Student/Librarian Study and Discussion Guide for The Marbury Lens, and, as promised, it is now available -- in time for the people who will be attending the American Library Association Annual Conference this weekend in Washington DC.

Good things about the guide: It "looks" terrific, and you can get a fair sense of what the book is about without it offering up any spoilers -- which I absolutely HATE in book reviews and study guides.

Also, I've had a bit of an epiphany regarding the speech I'm giving this weekend, which is a very good thing considering the two weights pulling my balance askew: 1) I am not uncomfortable speaking before groups of people, and, 2) I am generally afraid of librarians.

I know. I need to get over this. Librarians are super-cool. But then, last night, I had a dream that my plane to Washington was late -- which is a super-stressful thought since I have serious party plans upon arrival -- although the stress was somewhat assuaged by the fact that for whatever geographic explanations, my flight got diverted to Hawaii. I think I've got altitude sickness.

Anyway, you can download and see the terrific The Marbury Lens Guide by clicking on this linked text.