Thursday, December 1, 2011

wherever boys ride bicycles, paved roadways ribbon

Here are two things I think people will never say about me:

1. Drew is perky, bubbly, and excitable.

2. Drew's current novel is too much like another novel we already have on our list.


How was your NaNo?

Mine was good. I have not written anything new at all since October. That has been nice for my brain.

In October, I finished writing the strangest, most twisted thing I have ever written.

It is not like anything on anyone's list. Probably.

Nobody knows anything about it.

I am going to New York next week. If I run into Roger Sutton, I will high five him for reading my book, Stick.

I am going to get to see all the great people I work with in the Flatiron Building, at Feiwel and Friends; and also the great people I work with at Rock Center, at Simon and Schuster. I'm also going to hang out with Joe Lunievicz, the author of one of my favorite books that was not written by me, Open Wounds. I'm kind of hoping Joe arranges a pickup rugby game in Central Park. I will play.

Joe is also a rugger, and he has read Winger, which is about kids who play rugby. Winger is my first book coming out from Simon and Schuster.

But I wanted to say something about my next book that is coming out from Feiwel and Friends.

You know.

It is called Passenger, and it is the sequel to The Marbury Lens.

Almost nobody knows anything about Passenger.

I haven't even let my son read it, although I did let him read the very twisted and deranged 105,000-word novel I finished writing in October.

He liked it.

But, and I don't really like to use the term "favorite," but the guy who wrote my favorite book that came out last year and was not written by me did get to read Passenger.

I will not tell you what he told me about Passenger.

I will tell you eventually.

But I will say what my favorite book of the past year that was not written by me is: Rotters, by Daniel Kraus.

When Rotters came out, Daniel sent me a grave-robbing kit that included gummy body parts.

When Passenger comes out, I am going to send out black gummy worms.

You will see.