Tuesday, December 13, 2011

something crazy is going on around here, robby

Yesterday brought a heavy snowfall.

It was pillowfight snowflakes the size of my finger.

I went for a run in it. It was slippery, not good for my ankle, which I twisted while running in New York where there are no soft surfaces at all.

To get anywhere at all, you need to run on sidewalks in New York.

I think the sidewalks in New York are the hardest sidewalks in the world.

This is a true story:

When I ran yesterday in the snowfall, I was wearing shorts, a cap, and a hoodie.

I can't see how people can run in long pants, and I do not get cold when I run.

When I ran down my street toward the lake, there was a man standing in his front yard. He is a new neighbor who had just moved here from what he calls "the city."

He is probably used to hard sidewalks, too.

The man's wife was in their front yard, too.

He said something like this: Look at that crazy guy running in shorts! I thought we left all the crazy guys back in"the city!"

He was taking a photograph of his wife.

She was building a snowman out of three balls of snow and some sticks.