Friday, October 2, 2009

waiting for me

So there were a few things waiting for me when I got back home from Europe. Most importantly, and surprisingly, all of my animals were still alive and present. Better yet, the cats had not dragged any corpses in through their kitty door.

And, on my doorstep, were piled four boxes -- two cases of audiobooks and two cases of hardback copies of in the path of falling objects. And... yes, you can get it in bookstores now -- so, if your local bookseller isn't shelving it, do everyone in your community a favor -- be a hero to them -- and ask your bookseller to order it in. You will not regret doing so.

And speaking of waiting for me, I'd like to add another comment about yesterday's post about dealing with revisions. I am presently on Stage Two, but I am confident that I will organize my thoughts and get down to actual work on this by Saturday, Swine Flu or no. So, that's waiting for me, too.

I'll be completely honest -- I actually am very eager to work on this enormous thing again, because there's something about it that keeps hooking me in and taking control of me. It's just that when I do these kinds of things, I have to let the ideas (see Stage Two) percolate in my head for a couple of days before I actually sit down to the mental and very physical task of getting it out straight.

If that makes any sense.

So now, the great big giant THEY will have to wait for ME.

And, after one day of work, I will know, exactly to the day, when I will be finished. Yeah... I'm weird like that.

This weekend, look for updates on the Ghost Medicine Website regarding Teen Read Week (October 19 - 23). I've picked up a number of new gigs that week and want to be sure to give props to the schools, libraries, and Mrs. Nelson's Book Store for asking me to participate in this great week for our teen readers.