Saturday, October 31, 2009

days off

Okay. I don't really consider myself a Type-A personality (not that it matters, because considering and being probably have no actual connection in the overall scheme of things), but when I write books, I do have a tendency to never want to take days off.

Maybe that accounts for why I can finish a book so quickly.

In fact, when I was writing Ghost Medicine, I had to force myself to take some days off. I did it by going on a vacation, out of state, and leaving my computer and internet behind. It was challenging, and the experiment was effective, too. When I came back, I had a kind of renewed energy in my writing.

But I didn't like doing it, so I abandoned the practice with all my subsequent work.

Which brings me to where I am now, sitting in the dark, in a hotel room with two major projects running on the screen in the background: something for my editor, and an entirely new novel that has taken over my time.