Thursday, June 21, 2012

a real sleeper

Tomorrow begins the crazy weekend/weekstart.

I am happy that Michael Grant posted the following comment related to our speaking engagement at the Booklist Youth Forum tomorrow night:

I'm just going to give a boring speech. I'm leaving the Deep Thinking to you, Andrew. Plus Jake has been hijacked by the high school journalism prof into coding the school paper's website this month thus depriving me of his presentation skills which leaves me helpless.

They're not charging people for this, are they?

I am happy Michael will be giving a boring speech and leaving the "Deep Thinking" to me. But I will give you a teaser: My "speech" uses the word "balls."


That leaves two more: Jon Scieszka and Daniel Handler, one of whom I can almost guarantee will be juggling shit that's on fire.

So, Michael, that leaves two of us as colossal downers: You and Me.

Let's get drunk first!

Just kidding.


Daniel Kraus, who is moderating the event, is impeccably organized. He told me the exact room location and the exact speaking order of the evening.


I never pay attention to shit like that.

I don't even know where ALA is.

If I were in, like, seventh grade, they would probably give me pills to make me pay attention to shit like that.

In any event, ALA is a very long stretch of days. There can be lags in the dizzying excitement which must either be taken up by the consumption of alcohol, or maybe by playing thrilling games.

I have prepared a game for your ALA down-times. It is called "ALA Bingo."

It's easy and fun, fun, fun!

Here's how you do it: Simply print out the game card below and cross off the things you see as you wander through the convention.

No cheating!

When you get a BINGO -- either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, find me at ALA, bring me the card, and you will win a fabulous prize!

I only have one prize to give, so don't be a whiny bitch if some teen blogger from Indiana wins by Saturday morning.

Here is the game card:

Speaking of snoozers, today's Instagram topic was Where I Slept. Duh. You really want to see how I never make my bed?


Now, don't forget: Print out your ALA BINGO game card, and I'll see you on the playing field.