Sunday, June 10, 2012

the mass movement

Today, I received yet another haunting email.

It ended up in my Spam folder. Go figure.

The subject line on the email was this:


Naturally, I found it a bit unnerving.

Google translate tells me the message is this:  

How to mobilize the work of subordinates enthusiasm

And I thought, this must be some kind of pill or elixir, which, when dissolved in some deceptively inviting hot beverage, is capable of creating a vast army of mindless, self-sacrificing minions, unquestioning in their willingness to do my bidding.

I want that!

I wrote back to the thoughtful sender right away!

Today's topic on Instagram was Best Bit of My Weekend.

I suppose that email doesn't count.

Also, the topic kind of made me feel bad. This weekend has been work, work, work!

But I do like what I do, and I'm especially fond of the work I've produced this weekend.
In any event, I took this photograph.

It is my place of employment. I like my place of employment. It doesn't matter how I dress and I can even show up drunk if I feel like it.

Also, these keys spell my name: Drew. It's what my real friends call me. Some of my real friends also call me Andrew. People who call me Andy need to be punched in the throat. People who call me Andy need to have that mystical powder from China dissolved in their hot beverages.

Want some coffee, bitches?