Tuesday, February 14, 2012

your ashtray is getting rather full

When all is said and done, it is bound to be rather quiet and boring.

I realized something yesterday.

This is a true story.

I received an email from Daniel Kraus, concerning this upcoming panel of speakers at the 2012 Booklist Youth Forum I will be a part of to kick off the American Library Association's Annual Conference in June.

The panel is moderated by Daniel Kraus, author of the book Rotters, which is one of my favorite books from 2011. The topic of the evening is: Men at Work: Guy Writers Talk Guy Readers.

I have an awful lot I could say about that. I may bring some puppets.

It has been more than a decade since Christina Hoff Sommers published her War Against Boys. Although she makes some valid points, I think the conclusions drawn from her work -- and where we have gone since that time in regimenting an expectation of failure when it comes to boys and literacy -- are mistaken and harmful.

But that's not exactly what I realized yesterday.

I realized this:

I am on this panel with Michael Grant, Jon Sciezska, and Daniel Handler.

Am I spelling Scieszka correctly? Nearly every time I see someone post something about him, they spell his name differently.

Maybe he has lots of email aliases.

That is not what I realized, either.

I realized that Michael Grant and Jon Scieszka both have "people" who answer their emails and make appointments for panels and shit like that.

Holy shit.

Not only that, but Daniel Handler wasn't even included on the email at all, even though he was spoken to in the body of the message.

Holy shit again.

Daniel Handler has a fucking INVISIBLE person who answers his email and makes appointments for panels and shit like that.

I am such a nobody!