Saturday, January 14, 2012

my foot got stuck between the passenger seat and the console

If The Marbury Lens is about heat and desert, Passenger is more about water.

Here is something else I want to tell you about Passenger:

The pages I sent Ian made his head explode, according to him.

I suppose I should apologize to Ian's mother.

In Passenger, the kids get stuck inside this lightless maze of flood control channels beneath Marbury, called the Under. Nobody likes getting stuck in the dark. Especially with the things you know you'll find in a place like Marbury.

But here is some news: Around the same time that Passenger comes out (possibly just before), I am going to publish a short story that goes with the novel, as a kind of companion appendix. It will be something that will also make heads explode.

The story will be on the Tor Books website. Tor is a publisher of fantasy/science fiction, and is an imprint of Macmillan, the publisher of The Marbury Lens and Passenger.

I am excited about the story. I think you're going to be surprised.

I'll let you know more details as the date for the unveiling nears.