Saturday, January 7, 2012

breakout session 4.1: optioning your book for film


That was a bit caffeinated.

And, as usual, I forgot what I actually wanted to say.

I learned something the other day: For a film to make lots of money, it should be rated PG-13.

And for a film to be rated PG-13, you are allowed to say fuck one time only.



Obviously, that's how you make a book as long as The Marbury Lens fit into 100 minutes: make it PG-13.

I won't tell you how many "fucks" have to be cut to get The Marbury Lens down to the magic number.

It is a lot.

I realize, too, that I have not been very effective at reducing the number of times I use the vague quantifier "a lot," which has kind of been a New Year's Resolution of mine.

I should make a magic number:

I am only allowed to say a lot three times per day.

Three times seems like a lot.

When you have magic numbers, which are a lot like frosted raspberry cupcakes, exceeding them is, by definition, excessive in any quantity.