Thursday, December 3, 2009

a great question and a great review

One more down.

in the path of falling objects received another fantastic review, this one from Horn Book Review, which will kick off their 2010 reviews:

Horn Book Review: IN THE PATH OF FALLING OBJECTS Jan/Feb 2010

In the Path of Falling Objects

by Andrew Smith

High School Feiwel 326 pp.

10/09 978-0-312-37558-4 $17.99

Jonah and Simon are all alone: their heroin-addict father is in jail, their older brother Matthew is fighting in Vietnam (it’s 1970), and their unstable mother has left. The two teenage brothers set off for Arizona , but when their horse dies, stranding them in the New Mexico desert, they catch a ride with Lilly, a flirtatious girl their own age, and Mitch, an ominous young man several years older. The relationship between these four characters constantly shifts and realigns over the course of an increasingly tense road trip, but when Mitch tries to kill Jonah by pushing him into a river and abandoning him, Simon finally realizes just how dangerous Mitch is. The setting is vivid, the plot (including a thrilling showdown) is suspenseful, and the characters are complex and intriguing, particularly in their interactions with one another. It’s a wilderness survival adventure wherein the characters have to survive each other as much as the harsh, unforgiving landscape. jonathan hunt

Thank you very much for that, Jonathan Hunt and Horn Book Review. I am flattered, and that is one incredible review.

Also, I wanted to add that I received a terrific question yesterday in the suggestion box -- one about money and writing. And... oh, my answer may surprise you.

Should be up tomorrow.