Monday, September 13, 2010

oh sciba

I am very honored to be taking part in the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association's (SCIBA) Trade Show and Authors Feast this year.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 23 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa, in Hollywood (of all places) on Saturday, October 23, beginning at noon.

I'm actually going to give a speech, too. About what? You may ask. Well... about fifteen minutes, I do believe. And, trust me, those will be the fifteen most terror-filled minutes of many lives that day.

In any event, despite the ghastliness of my intended remarks, I will be speaking along with some exceedingly notable people, many of whom have met me on several occasions, but still greet me with a warm, "Do I know you?" every time we bump into each other.

Included on the day's agenda: Ally Condie, Matthew Kirby, Benjamin Hale, Ellen Hopkins, Me (I'll be wearing a name badge that says, "No... you probably DON'T know me"), Michael Grant, and Al Yankovic.

Afterward, I will be circulating amongst the notables, panhandling for cab fare, and signing the LAST EVER Advance Copies of the book that is still trying to kill me -- The Marbury Lens.

Hope to see you there.