Thursday, September 23, 2010

almost forgot

So, I've been working an awful lot these past few weeks, probably more hours per day than I can remember ever doing.

I think that most novelists experience this kind of homesick experience when the publication process kicks in. What happens is that from the time you actually finish writing a book to the time when you come back to work on it as it goes into the publication calendar, a good number of months have gone by.

I wrote Stick about a year ago. I haven't touched it or looked at it, really, since then. Now I am doing some little tweaks on it for my editor as we move it toward publication in 2011.

I almost forgot how much I love this book. No, I think I actually did forget.

So it's real nice to be back home with my book that's kind of a love letter to a couple places that I feel a very strong connection to.

I'm also, as well, sending an entirely different book off to my agent this week. And both of these novels, Stick, and this other one, feel like coming home again after a long absence.