Monday, September 27, 2010

banned books week #1

Do you get vibed out easily?

Do you think this is about you?

Well it is.

This week, I am reading banned books to my kids. My teenage son reads everything he can get his hands on. In the past few weeks, he's read novels by Ken Kesey, Joseph Heller, and Hunter S. Thompson... and not because he had to, because he wanted to.

But he's never read Looking for Alaska by John Green, so I'm going to read the first few pages of it to him today. I don't know if the book is really my kid's style, but I'm sure he'll read the whole thing after today's taste.

Tomorrow, I will give the kids a sample of something different... another book that has been banned.

One more thing: I met a really cool (no big surprise) librarian at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington DC last summer. We chatted for a while about books and authors, and she picked up an Advance Copy of The Marbury Lens, too. We've corresponded a couple times since then.

I have to say, I really like her taste in books, and I think her blog is terrific and pulls no punches regarding literature for young people. That said, she wrote a very flattering review of The Marbury Lens, which appeared on her blog over the weekend. You should pop over there and see what she's got to say about this and lots of other books.

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