Friday, September 17, 2010

the best part

One of the best parts of the writing process, for me at least, is working on revisions with my editor. It probably ties in overall satisfaction with finishing writing a book.

For most writers, the time period between finishing a book and working on editorial revisions and line edits is usually fairly long, so returning to the world of an old, good, novel can feel like returning home after a long absence. And you all know what bed feels like after a long stint on the road, sleeping on hotel mattresses.

I happen to be in both of those good places this week -- finishing something new, and getting back to a great old friend, my novel Stick, which will be coming out in 2011. It's a different, postmodern kind of novel about looking for home and hanging on to a sense of wonder in a world that can be pretty ugly at times.

The other thing that's particularly gratifying about the editing process is that so far, through four novels, I have worked with only one editor. And I think we're a good match when it comes to working. Better still is that all my work gets done on paper, so I get to carry around my manuscript with me. I get to read my editor's handwritten (in pencil... and nicely written) notes and questions. And then I write on the pages, too (in red ink)... so, when I'm finished, the thing looks and feels like a real book that real human beings really worked on.

I'm not putting down electronic editing. I am certain that at some point in my future I will be required to do it. But I am also certain that at some point in the future, I'll be reading books on an iPad or something like that, too.

For now, give me paper.

And put me to work.