Saturday, July 31, 2010

things from my books (5)

One more thing from my book Ghost Medicine, and tomorrow, I'll move on to a different work. This is a hawk feather, which I've also held onto for many years. The boys find it in one of the final scenes in the story, and Troy, who has this unrestrained compulsion to explain things, tries to find meaning in the discovery.

One thing, I think, that is a common idea in my writing (as different as the stories, characters, and voices are) is that my characters frequently, in a very Jungian manner, look for connections in coincidental occurrences that are not obviously related. If that makes sense.

So, in Ghost Medicine, Troy decides that nothing happens in a vacuum, that all events and things are somehow connected in the "universe," even if there are no easy explanations for why events -- good and bad -- take place.

The hawk feather.