Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the way down

Well, before I start writing about writing and stuff again, I thought I'd post some pictures here that we took this past week on our trip to Canada, which does happen to be one of my favorite places on the planet -- right up there with The Prince of Wales, but that's something I'll talk about later.

This is probably one of the most photographed scenes in Canada -- Lake Louise on a perfect morning.

We hiked up to these glaciers. Below them is an area called "The Death Trap" because of frequent avalanches. There were avalanches all afternoon -- they sounded like bombs going off.

A view near the top of the glacier.

The kids at the top. They said this was the scariest thing they ever did in their lives. The final pitch was very steep and dangerous. Here, they were sitting next to a waterfall from one of the melting glaciers.

This gives you an idea of the steepness and the loose rocks beneath us. On the way up to the top.

But this was even a tougher climb -- up above Tower Lake to a place called Rockbound Lake. Not many people make it all the way up there. The last half-mile is nearly vertical. And all I can say about the final destination is Thank God for insect repellent. Also, it's one of the most amazing places you'll ever see.

Going up that last treacherous climb.

One of those perfect mornings. You can see an elk across the river if you look closely.