Thursday, February 26, 2009

something else

Okay. I had something entirely different going for today's blog, but I decided to run that tomorrow and do a short something else.

This picture is our car. It's a 1940 Lincoln Cabriolet. It still looks exactly like that, but it's sealed inside a very small garage at the moment. The car is also a character of sorts in my forthcoming in the path of falling objects.

I'm supposed to be getting the first bound galley from that novel any day now. Like I said, I've seen Rich Deas' cover design and it looks fantastic! I can't wait until it's totally ready to be posted on line.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be guesting in Sandra Rayl's Creative Writing class at Newbury Park High School here in Southern California. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to read some excerpts from my first two novels (oh yeah... they'll be the first to hear some of in the path of falling objects), and maybe even something else entirely new.

I'll be heading to Chicago this July for the ALA Annual conference. I am very excited about that. We'll be signing advance copies of the new book there, and I will be part of the YA Authors' Coffee Klatch on Sunday morning. This is especially exciting for me, because at the last ALA, Kelly was able to sneak me in as a guest, just so I could sit slackjawed and starstruck by all the amazing authors there... and this year, I actually get to be one of them.