Wednesday, February 25, 2009

catching a glimpse

I sent an email to my editor yesterday.

I've been kind of anxious about catching a glimpse of the cover art for in the path of falling objects, so I dropped a hey... by the way... is the cover READY???? not-too-subtle hint.

Okay. Two things. Well, three, really.

First, I must have a psychic connection with my editor or something, because she replied with a didn't-you-get-the-email-I-sent-you-earlier-today? that pointed out that the image had already been sent.

So... second: Why am I such a pathetic loser? Things like this always happen to me. Sure enough, she'd sent me the cover art, but it didn't show up in my inbox until later in the day... and when it did, it was slotted at the right time-stamp, BEFORE my email. This also convinces me that I really do live in one of the timeless inner rings of hell. Crap, any day now I'll probably get a draft notice for the Vietnam War.

And third, the cover is in-freekin-credible.

Trust me.

Cause I'm not allowed to show it yet.

Unless you come over to my house.

In Bolgia Nine in the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Oh... and check out Tina Nichols Coury's very cool blog. She posted an interview with me.

You know, I never read interviews with me... not print, nor otherwise... so let me know how much of a dork I sound like.

Which kind of brings me to a fourth thing. Considering the preceding admission, if you were going to write up an interview with me, you could pretty much attribute any quote you want to me and I'd never catch it.