Monday, February 9, 2009

my entourage

Seriously, who could get by without one?

I mean, all of us writers have an entourage. We have to... we're too busy thinking up neat ideas to do things like laundry, shopping, trimming our nails, and exfoliating.


But Drew, the guy in my entourage who writes my blog, has been getting a little out of hand lately.

I'm thinking of letting him go. Don't tell him I'm considering it, though, because last time I gave him an unrequested week off, I let Andy, the food-taster, do the blogging.

And he's always wasted out of his fucking mind.

Are you scared?

Don't worry. Freddie, the guy who watches me shower, is out of the question.


But Drew keeps making stuff up to make me look stupid. I mean... really. Me? At a dinner? With Susan Patron, Pam Munoz Ryan, Katherine Applegate, Lisa Yee, Eve Bunting, token guy Michael Grant? And me wearing a tie???

I think I'll get my official laugh-with-bitter-mockery entourage member, Francois (he doesn't speak English, but he's got a hell of a mocking laugh) out of the old wine cellar and dust off his Gauloises-calloused vocal cords for that one.