Friday, February 13, 2009

falling objects

There are particular challenges living up here in the mountains.

For example, that photograph was taken just about 3 minutes ago. Yeah, it's snowing like crazy.

Let me tell you about my day. I decided to stay home today. It was nice sleeping in. My wife is down below at her job. My daughter asked if I'd drive her to school. The school is just on the other side of the lake. So she loaded up with her Valentines for the classmates and we set off.

On the way, I pulled over because I thought one of my tires sounded funny. I checked it out. Looked fine. Dropped the daughter off at school and came back home.

Yeah... I had a nail in my tire. It promptly went flat in my driveway.

That's when it began snowing.

There is something particularly hellish in changing a tire in a snowfall. It is not fun. But I changed it anyway.

Later, the school called to let me know that the buses couldn't bring kids home because there was too much snow on the roads. So, I went back to the school and piked my girl up.

Unfortunately, the mountain road leading up here is now closed, so my wife can't come back home and will have to spend the night at a friend's house down below. And tomorrow's Valentine's Day and we were supposed to have some alone time.

Yeah, she's crying on the phone about that.

By the way, I posted my first blog over at Stupid Blog Name. Ironically, I put a photo of my office in springtime on the blog... and that picture at the top of this post was just taken from the deck just outside this office.

Happy Valentine's Day.