Monday, August 4, 2008

love, pee, and ink

Okay... I'll be honest, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel defensive, but every time I hear someone say how much they LOVE to write, I kind of throw up a little bit in the back of my throat and then everything smells exactly like barf for about fifteen minutes.

I do not love to write.

Let me explain. I just finished writing, then revising, and rewriting an 84,000-word novel in five weeks. It was a lot of work, many hours every day, and while I definitely didn't suffer while doing it, I didn't love it, either.

I suppose I could no more LOVE writing than I could LOVE to urinate.

Not peeing = exploding.

Not writing = exploding.

Do not make the following false assumption:

writing = peeing

It does not, trust me. If it did, my incontinent dog would have a freakin' Pulitzer.