Thursday, April 9, 2009

spoiler warning

A while back, I was contacted by a teacher from Seneca Valley Intermediate High School in Pennsylvania about my book, Ghost Medicine.

Of course, to me, there are few things that are more rewarding than experiencing a connection through my work with readers, especially young people, their teachers, and librarians.

Well, the ultra-incredible kids at Seneca Valley held a book discussion on Ghost Medicine, which they recorded and posted on the Internet as a podcast.

You can hear their discussion by clicking on the following hyperlink:

Ghost Medicine Podcast

Click on the audio feed beneath the book's cover in the lower right of the page.

I will warn you about two things:

1) Eh... kind of a spoiler in the discussion if you haven't read the book (so... go out and read it and THEN listen to the podcast).

2) These are the smartest kids in the world, who, when they take over the planet, I am fully expecting will offer me some form of menial employment.

Wow. I am blown away by this. Seriously.

Seneca Valley Intermediate High School in Harmony, Pennsylvania... you rock.

And consider yourselves adopted.