Friday, April 3, 2009

back to hell

Okay. I have to say that sometimes I scare myself.


Here's the situation: if you could strip away all the cosmetic niceties behind which just plain evil people hide so there were no aesthetic filters, the world could be at once pretty damn scary and pretty damn easy to figure out.

That's part of the idea behind The Marbury Lens, but the hell created in that story is... well... so scary it's starting to bother me. As I said in an earlier post, one reader of in the path of falling objects wondered how I could think up a character as disturbing as Mitch.

Well... all I can say is, want to see something you'll never forget? It's coming.

Enough said on that.

I was fortunate enough to do another interview with radio station KHTS yesterday. A very pleasant experience, and I got to talk about lots of things I don't usually get to blather on about in most of my interviews. So I'm pretty sure I'll like this one, as much as I truly do not like interviews with me involved in them.

In any event, when the piece is up on the KHTS website, I'll post more about it here.

Now, back to hell.