Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Going back to this whole teacher/school/education thing... a few posts ago I left off saying something like this is why Jack hates school...

Or something like that.

Most secondary-level teachers are child-hating control freaks to whom habitual applications of "sit down," "no talking," and "because I said so," serve them the way heroin serves junkies. They don't ever stop to consider if learning can take place while a human being is standing or talking... behaviors that are completely normal and beneficial to human children.

And, after years of mainlining their shit directly into their veins, the majority of these teachers become obsessively focused on "product" as opposed to "process."

Oh... and they hate kids, too.

So, by the time he's about 15 or 16, Jack hates them, and Jack hates school.

It's okay, though, because Jack hates being sixteen, too.