Saturday, April 11, 2009

saturday procrastination club

I've managed to find some way of procrastinating my way out of all the grown-up stuff I should have done this week, including my laundry.

Yes... I do my own laundry, as opposed to assigning a member of my entourage to manage it.

God! I am so useless when I'm writing. It's even gotten to the point where I am trying to calculate which would take less time: washing clothes or going to the store and buying some new ones.

Okay. I give up.

On Facebook, I just took the "What Facebook Quiz Are You?" Quiz, and the result was: You're the Facebook Quiz with all the spelling and grammar errors in it! You are careless and uncommitted to reality and will do virtually anything to get out of acting like an adult! You are a loser, and nobody likes you!!!

That said, this is ALA's National Library Week, and on Thursday, two important things are taking place: Operation Teen Book Drop, and Teen Literature Day. So, I've been sending out copies of Ghost Medicine and ARCs of in the path of falling objects all week to Young Adult Librarians all over the country.

So now, I am pretty much out of my ARCs, sorry to say. So, if you're a YA Librarian or run a Teen Reading Program, contact me and I'll see what I can do... or you just might have to make plans to get to Chicago for the ALA Annual in July.

I'll be there, too.