Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more on superstition

I hate being superstitious. It's like the most extreme and debilitating, get-in-the-way form of OCD.

I guess that's why it was so easy for me to come up with the super-creepy character of Mitch, from in the path of falling objects.

A few posts back, I commented on how fervently I avoid even accidentally reading my horoscope, and how even Magic 8-Balls terrify me. Ever since then, I keep getting emails about my new horoscope prediction.

Of course, I don't open them.

So cut it out.

I will never read them.

So... when I write, I usually also keep the internet going. When I get tired, or need to think for a bit, I will sometimes pop over to the 'net and check out my email, or Facebook, or even sometimes ask a random question to Google and see what happens.

Yesterday, though, I blew it. I figured out my entire life on Facebook. I found out what my parents should have actually named me, where I am supposed to live, and... ugh... how I am going to die, all by taking Facebook quizzes.

It said I am going to die by drinking the black fluid from inside a Magic 8-Ball.