Thursday, April 5, 2012

there wasn't anything until somebody made up a word for it

In continuing my periodic rants on linguistic determinism.

In the Beginning, well... it actually wasn't much of a beginning until people made up that word beginning and then came up with wrong conclusions about shit.

Second, while I was sleeping (I have been sleeping entirely too much this past week. The Che Guevara of my State of REM has been staging a rather successful peasant revolution against what I fondly refer to as THE WHORE BOOK) I received an email from an unidentified associate that began thus:

But he's been giving me insane and intense dreams. Last night, a real mash-up: my car got stolen, I stepped in dog poo (wearing my old slippers -- the ones with holes in them), my daughter and I could breathe under water.

How weird! I never step in dog poo.

Anyway, since one of the first real-world things I do every morning is read my email (my coffee makes itself automatically), I seriously had to spend a few minutes re-reading this one to figure out what the hell it was about.