Monday, April 23, 2012

news from the soup of the universe

This, apparently, is how it starts, people.

They are coming to take over the planet, and I have proof.

Over the weekend, I received an email from the O--- Corporation. I am not going to reveal the full name of the corporation or its representative, fearing potential reprisal against me.

They want me to be their minion.

The email included this line:

We need a trustworthy Human as our company representative who will be working for the company...

Who capitalizes the word Human?


Nobody, that is, unless you are NOT a human.

If you are a Being from some godless part of the universe.

Apparently, these beings from the O--- Corporation also have had poor luck in finding a Human who is trustworthy. And they go on, to do something more evil than I can imagine.

They make up words that do not exist!

Here is the rest of the line from above (note again the mysterious capitalization of certain words): a Representative with a good beneficting Payment as salary.


Be warned.

They plan on beneficting Humans.

Well, it's not going to start with me, Emperor Ming the Merciless, or whoever -- whatever -- You are.